Interior Packages

Room Makeover, 3000DKK

This is an on-line project. Ideal for 1 room you want to renovate (bedroom, children's room, living room, dining room).

You’ll receive:

  • 15min on-line conversation where we will establish your style and color preference.

  • Selection of furniture, max 7 pieces (I'm sending 1-2 links to each item). 

  • 3D visualization of 1 selected area, reflecting the mood, style and colors we decide on during the consultation. You will get 2 views/pictures showing the room design.

Large Project, 6700DKK

You have a large space or rooms to renovate or decorate and don’t know where to start? No worries! I offer a 7,5 hours package and provide design solution around your home. We will focus on the areas you want to change/decorate/renovate:

Package includes:

  • Taking measurements on-site

  • 30min on-line or in person consulation

  • Selecting wall colors

  • Designing 1 layout for 1 selected room

  • Choosing a color palette based on your taste and style,

  • Selection of furniture/accessories, based on your budget. I'm sending 1 or 2 links to each item and there will be 15 positions. 

For only 200 DKK extra I can also create a 3D visualization of 1 selected room - only within this package.

Home Visit, 1600DKK (1,5h on-site incl. travel)

You have your space and want to make it look better, more personal and functional. Then I can come in for a couple of hours and give you some professional advice and ideas.

Package includes:

  • tips about layout, lighting, style of furniture you could select.

  • Selection of wall colors

  • Discussion of furniture placement

  • Discussion of accessorizing

You will be amazed at how much that can get accomplished in only 1,5 hour! Additional hour cost is 500DKK (please plan in advance).

Commercial Spaces

You need a design for your coffee shop, shop, bar or a restaurant? Let me create a custom package.

We will schedule 10min of FREE call so you can describe your project and needs. After that you will receive a custom offer. 

This could include: on-site consultation, taking measures of the space, technical drawings, hand sketches, visualizations, custom designed furniture, floor plans, on-site visits to monitor works.

Simply contact me for more info by sending a message at:


Kitchen and Bathroom renovation

Ask for a custom quote.

Let's talk about your project! I'm always up for a few min. call to hear what you need and it's free. And depending on what sort of support you're looking for, I can provide: on-site consultation, taking measures of the space, technical drawings, hand sketches, visualizations, floor plans & elevations, on-site visits to monitor works.

Simply send a message to:

or call  53 56 75 60

You don’t know what package to select? What package fits best your needs? Please don’t hesitate to contact me and I will be super glad to help you! 

Let’s get creative!

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