Home Improvement Packages

They say the spaces we live in are the reflections of ourselves, but I also see them as the places where we create new, ever-lasting memories. My passion is to tap into the potential of these spaces to help you create something beautiful and inviting, wherever you are.

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The Transformation
3.700 kr

Package best for single rooms such as children’s room, home office or bedroom.


The Magic Touch

6.700 kr

Package ideal for larger spaces and other rooms that need some change.


The Identity
1.700 kr

This is an on-site consultation.


The Revamp
from 1500 kr

Bathroom & Kitchen projects. Let's bring some charm to your spaces!

IMG_1066 - Copy.JPG

On-Line Inspiration

1300 kr

Let me help you redesign your home or start fresh in a new place where ever you are in the world!


Home Styling
from 1200 kr

Coming soon!

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Commercial Packages


The Good Vibes

from 1500 kr

Commercial projects for coffee shops, bars, shops or restaurants.

IMG_8146 - Copy.JPG

Window Display


Coming soon!

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Staging for Shops

from 1000

Package for any shop that needs a beautiful & inviting look!